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The iSOG App is the most usable and comprehensive program available to track hockey analytics on the market. The program has brought a new level of efficiency to our work with Analytics and allowed us to see the game within the game for both players and goaltenders. I would strongly recommend the iSOG App to any parent, coach, or scout that is interested in gaining a new understanding of a player’s ability.

– Cliff Mander, CKM Sports Management

The iSOG application is the most beneficial application in the market. It allows a coach to manage statistical information from a team level right down to an individual player’s performance. There isn’t a better application on the market that can be utilized on the fly. I encourage everyone to use iSOG today and give their team the upper edge.

– Brad Reynolds, Hockey Performance Development Coach

I have been using iSOG on my iPhone to track my son for the last couple of years. After the game his coaches would always ask me to send them a copy to review. When I bought an iPad it was a no brainer to upgrade to the HD version. WOW! This is by far a NHL quality professional software package intended for coaches & trainers to be able to track multiple netminders & shooters over entire season.

– HunterR38